Telsis Helps Warid Scale Up

Pakistani network operator Warid Telecom is to almost double its text capacity with Intelligent SMS Routing from Telsis in readiness for text-voting partnerships with TV broadcasters, and the roll-out of other advanced text-based services.
Warid Telecom made history in May 2005 when it launched the worlds first SMSC-less network, choosing Telsis Intelligent SMS Routing, rather than legacy messaging technology using SMSCs. Now, with more than five million subscribers, Warid is already carrying more text traffic than most of its longer-established rivals.
Being a relatively late-entrant to the market meant we were not burdened with legacy technology and could build the most advanced network possible says Warid Chief Technical Officer, Muhammad Iltaf. The Telsis messaging element is a perfect example. It enabled us to set the benchmark in quality of service, while keeping operational costs very low. Now its letting us cost-effectively expand messaging capacity to give the headroom we need to cope with demand for the new services that it will support.”
Telsis points out that it invented Intelligent SMS Routing, and has the largest market share. Customers include operators across Europe, Asia and Australasia. Its technology combines purpose-built carrier-grade distributed switching, with centralised management and control to enable messaging throughout, up to the radio bandwidth of the mobile network.
Person-to-person traffic and national scale voting events can take place simultaneously, without any reduction in quality of service, it says. In-built programmable intelligence supports the deployment of advanced text-based services.
Warid Telecom won its license in open auction for $291 million (147 million), and is owned by the Abu Dhabi Consortium. It launched in May 2005 and now has GSM coverage across all major cities and transport routes throughput Pakistan. It is headquartered in Lahore.
Telsis products are in use with major mobile and fixed network operators worldwide. The company has an extensive range of carrier-grade infrastructure solutions including intelligent SMS and IN platforms, as well as media gateways for NGN and VoIP support.