Telsis Seeks to Add Value

Messaging infrastructure company Telsis has launched SMS Home Routing, which it says enables operators to offer their customers a range of new text facilities, including automatic message copy to a central secure repository; message divert to another phone; and automated out of contact replies.
Until now, Telsis points out, with the legacy SMS network architecture, messages were scattered throughout originating networks around the world, from which they were sent directly to target phones. If a target phone was roaming, messages did not even transit its home network, making it impossible for the operator to add value. Now, with Telsis SMS Home Routing, all inbound messages are directed to an operators Intelligent SMS Routing system, where value-added services can be applied in real-time.
A number of our European operator customers are deploying SMS Home Routing right now says Telsis Chairman Jeff Wilson. Their market lead is going to be highly significant because they will be the first to offer the new services to all customers all the time, including those who are roaming away from the home network. As many phone users now own more than one handset, the capability to copy or divert texts will be very attractive, and we know businesses are particularly keen to have the ability to archive messages.”
Telsis claims that over 70% of operators that use Intelligent SMS Routing choose its technology. It says that intelligent SMS Routing combines massive scalable throughput and programmable intelligence to give networks a significant edge over rivals that rely on slower and less capable legacy messaging infrastructure.