The Admiral Media Growth Loop – a practical performance marketing guide made by industry experts 

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So, you’ve built a great product and want to market it to the world. But how? For digital products, the only proven way to drive growth is performance marketing. It can scale an already successful app to massive size. However, performance marketing also comes with technical hurdles, platform challenges, and significant investment – without any guarantee for success. In reality, ‘performance marketing’ encompasses a combination of strategies, functions, tools, data analysis, and creative work that has become more and more complex.

When these techniques and activities come together, they can work towards a unified goal and lead to repeatable, and often amazing, results – this is what we call The Growth Loop. It is a visualization and simplified representation of our complete performance marketing approach, which we’ve used and refined across many clients’ projects, reaching millions of users.

The Growth Loop is a framework we’ve developed to help our clients and other companies understand how to grow their businesses. It consists of six parts: Plan, Setup, Launch, Analysis, Reporting, and Optimize. At Admiral Media, we use this framework daily to boost the growth of brands and digital products to millions of users across the globe. 

Now we’re releasing the Growth Loop eBook that will help you navigate the Growth Loop. It contains core principles, components, and insider tricks by experts who’ve done it before to create an effective growth strategy for any kind of digital and mobile business.

Apart from the lessons we’ve learned on our journey, we’ve asked peers and industry experts, who have managed growth for some of the most successful apps in the world, to contribute their insights on each of the steps. Among others, this guide contains advice from growth consultant Thomas Petit on how to choose the right KPIs; Gessica Bicego (CMO at Paired) on how to scale performance; Sandra Wu (Director of Growth, Himalaya) on her creative iteration process; Tobias Börner (co-founder Fastic) on reporting; and Maor Sadra (founder INCRMNTAL) on how to approach measurement.

The first part of the Growth Loop is all about strategic decision-making and planning for success: how to approach performance marketing, the tools, team, what to look out for when launching the first campaigns, and which marketing channels to focus on. The second part is about execution: how to improve performance with creative optimization, how to find out what works, scale volume, and expand to new channels.

If you love to learn and are serious about growth, visit Admiral Media and get the first edition of the Growth Loop eBook here as a free download.