The Mindset Platform by GumGum introduces groundbreaking Index – unlocking actionable insights for brands to better align ads with consumer interests

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GumGum, the creator of mindset technology, is proud to introduce its groundbreaking Mindset Index, a powerful new data insight platform poised to redefine how brands gauge audience engagement within specific content.

GumGum’s Mindset Platform unifies its leading high-impact ad creatives with its proprietary AI-powered technologies: Verity, the industry’s only content-level accredited technology, and the Playground xyz Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP). This makes the Mindset Platform the only one-stop-shop for brands to understand the correlation of context and attention for their unique brand needs.

The introduction of the Mindset Index, offered through GumGum’s unified platform, marks a significant milestone for brands seeking to navigate the complexities of consumer attention without relying on invasive personal data. It provides brands with holistic, action-driven insight that identifies which content categories capture the most audience attention. Brands can leverage the Mindset Index across GumGum’s scaled platform, which reaches over 550m consumers monthly.

“The Mindset Platform will fundamentally change how brands advertise going forward. Up until now, contextual and attention insights have remained siloed, leaving it up to the brands to make sense of how to take action off the data. The Mindset Index serves as the brand’s gateway to truly understanding the moments that capture their audience’s attention, campaign-by-campaign, at scale,” said GumGum CEO, Phil Schraeder. “We are already seeing this Index unlock new categories and audiences for brands and help to reshape their campaign messaging and strategies, driving a deeper connection between a brand and its audiences. This is a game-changer for the industry, and we are excited to lead the charge.”

The Mindset Index emerges as an essential tool for brands. This first-of-its-kind metric marries the power of advanced contextual intelligence with the precision of attention measurement to help brands:

  • Find new audiences and innovate with a differentiated strategy: Discover untapped audience segments interested in your brand, while respecting consumer privacy and circumventing the need for cookies and personal identifiers
  • Pinpoint audience focus and engagement: Learn where your brand message resonates most with audiences across the content they consume
  • Elevate creative strategies: Use newfound content category insights to fuel creative strategies and maximise outcome

“GumGum’s Mindset Index is more than just a metric; it’s a conduit for brands to forge deeper, more authentic connections and successful outcomes with their audiences. Earlier this year, Domino’s found that ‘Fitness and  Health’ content drove a considerable amount of attention to their pizza delivery campaign, unlocking a whole new audience segment for Domino’s to target that resulted in upwards of 398 per cent return on ad spend (ROAS),” Schraeder said.

Brands interested in exploring the capabilities of The Mindset Platform and Mindset Index should contact a GumGum representative here.