Updated Mobile TV Report Published

David Murphy

Analyst Juniper Research has released an updated version of its report
looking at the Mobile TV market. Mobile TV: The Opportunity for
Streamed & Broadcast Services, 2006-2011 (Second Edition) provides
a detailed analytical revision of market opportunities and forecasts in
streamed and broadcast services throughout the Mobile TV sector.

The report considers the prospects for Mobile TV over the next five
years, including 30 pages of market sizing and forecasts, with 26
independent country, and regional specific breakdowns. These include, for each country or region,
the mobile market subscriber base; streamed and broadcast  Mobile TV
services adoption rate; and total revenues for streamed versus
broadcast Mobile TV services. The report also looks at the
competing broadcast Mobile TV technologies, covering the plethora of trials and launches that have
been undertaken in recent months. There are also interviews with some
of the prime movers in the Mobile TV space.

Juniper says the report is an invaluable resource for platform vendors
and service providers, and mobile TV operators evaluating the appeal of
broadcast and streamed Mobile TV services over the next 5 years.
The report costs 1,490 for a single-user copy, 1,990 for a multi-user
copy (2-5 people),  or 2,490 for an enterprise-wide copy.

You can get a Report Overview here. Download a brochure here. Or get a complimentary Whitepaper here.