Vodafone Signs Warner Music Deal

Vodafone has signed a deal with Warner Music to offer its customers over-the-air access to Warners music catalogue in DRM-free format. Vodafone has similar deals in place with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music, since March.
Vodafone customers will still have access to their current download service, with rights to use tracks they have paid for once across all of their personal music devices without restriction – but they will now have many more tracks to choose from. Vodafone and Warner Music will also work together to offer a range of mobile music products, such as value-added album bundles that contain additional multimedia content.
Warner Musics addition to our mobile DRM-free catalogue is really great news for our customers, says Vodafone Internet Services Director, Pieter Knook. The response to the DRM-free offering in all the markets where it has launched has been incredibly enthusiastic. Our customers love music and they love the flexibility that DRM-free on mobile gives them.
Warner Musics inventory will start to go live for mobile in DRM-free format straight away, and will contribute to a total library of over 1 million tracks. DRM-free downloads via mobile are already available to Vodafone customers across many European markets, with more to come.