Vodafone UK to reintroduce roaming charges in Europe

David Murphy

UK mobile operator Vodafone is to reintroduce roaming charges for its customers when using their phone in Europe. Another UK operator, EE, announced similar plans in June, despite all UK operators pledging not to reintroduce roaming charges in the aftermath of Brexit.

From 6 January, new Vodafone customers, including those upgrading to a new contract, will be charged a minimum of £1 a day to use their mobile phone in EU countries.

Ernest Doku, mobiles expert at, criticised the move, saying: “Any reintroduction of roaming charges means that consumers are paying a fee to use data and minutes they have already paid for. In the aftermath of Brexit, the UK’s biggest mobile providers all said that they had no immediate plans to change their charging models for consumers roaming within the EU. It’s disappointing for consumers to see that the situation looks to be shifting, with a risk that roaming at no additional cost could soon be a distant memory for UK residents. If you’re an existing Vodafone customer, these charges won’t affect you yet, but make sure you check the small print if you’re due an upgrade in the coming months.”