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Codiki Launches First Commercial App After Uni Investment

Kirsty Styles

An app development company that received funding from Aberystwyth University's entrepreneurship fund has launched its first commercial app, ShoreCatch, for sea anglers on the Wales coast. The Android and iOS app provides tidal information, weather forecasts, mark maps, fish species guides and information about bait and rigs. 

After the successful launch of two apps from the farming and equine sectors last year, farmGRAZE and horseRATION, Aberystwyth invested £15,000 in Codiki to help expand its portfolio using research from academics and students.

Dr Rhian Hayward from Commercialisation and Consultancy Services at the University, said: “This initiative builds on the mobile apps work we have already undertaken within Commercialisation & Consultancy Services and will provide a professional approach to app development that is sensitive to the challenges of translating academic know-how into products in a fast paced environment with a high level of quality.”