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Flexion Wrapper Adds Google Play SDK

Alex Spencer

Mobile payment company Flexion has integrated the Google Play billing SDK into its wrapper. This means that developers can monetise their Android apps through in-app payments without needing to add Google’s SDK to their own code.
The wrapper negates the need for separate free trial and paid-for full versions of apps, which can reduce conversion rate. 
It also enables developers to implement Flexion’s licensing features, which can be used for alternative pricing models, such as rentals and subscriptions. The wrapper also enables developer to add an offer wall, which lets users earn virtual currency to spend in the game, and a ad-based free-to-play model.
“For many Android developers, Google Play is the only market channel for their apps and until now, they’ve struggled to make money due to weak monetisation and high costs associated with supporting the platform,” said Flexion CEO Jens Lauritzson. “We hope to help all developers by offering free enabling of Google Play in-app billing with our wrapper and at the same time offer a range of other monetisation methods which can help them increase their revenues.”