1020 Offers Useful Store Locator Service

Useful Networks and 1020 Placecast have joined forces to provide mobile phone users in the US with a store locator service tied to directly to the consumers real time location.
Useful Networks is a cross-carrier location aggregator for both network operators and content providers. It will provide Placecast with privacy-protected location details of users who request location-relevant content, such as a retail store locator, by clicking on a banner ad on the mobile web.
1020 Placecast offers a location-based advertising solution that delivers localized dynamic messaging and granular geo-targeting on mobile devices and the web, and then delivers to the consumer a customized landing page with a store locator based on their current location. This solution delivers highly accurate and relevant messaging to consumers for stores in their locale, the company says.
As an example of how the tie-up with Useful Networks will work, a consumer who clicks on a mobile web banner ad for a retailer will have their anonymous location information sent to Placecast from Useful Networks. Placecast will then return a landing page with a store locator, which could include a map, directions and local phone number for the nearest retail store in real-time. These customized landing pages will give advertisers further leverage in tailoring ads to specific consumers and turning views into store visits.
Were constantly working to make the advertising experience more personal, more targeted, more relevant for the user, says 1020 Placecast CEO, Alistair Goodman. Our alliance with Useful Networks allows us to do just that.”