Arris study reveals Americans enthusiasm for VR and AR

Americans’ interest in virtual and augmented reality continues to grow, especially as Apple gets ready to launch its new AR/VR headset in 2023. That’s the conclusion of a study from Arris Composites, which found that 79 per cent of Americans are interested in virtual reality; 19 per cent already own a headset, and 29 per cent plan to buy one in the next year. Almost half say they use their headset for about an hour a week or less, but nearly one in four say they spend at least three hours using it each week!

The top uses for VR headsets right now include gaming (92 per cent); exploring new places (29 per cent); and watching movies and TV (25 per cent). Among those not planning to invest in VR tech, 67 per cent said it’s because the kit is too expensive, while 33% said they didn’t think they would use it, and 27 per cent have no interest in it.

Augmented reality is even more common among Americans right now, with roughly half of respondents saying they’ve used some form of it. Pokemon Go is the most common use of AR nationwide, but Google Street View, online shopping, and interior design are other popular uses of AR technology by Americans.

Americans are also excited about the future of AR, with more than 70 per cent saying they believe AR will become a part of everyday life in the next few years. Two out of three also say they believe it will help fight social isolation.

You can see the full report here.