Betfuze Launches iPad App, with Real-time Odds Comparison and Twitter Insights

home-betsmarterBetfuze has launched a sports betting app for iPad, which it says is the first of its type.

The Betfuze app offers users a variety of data to inform their bets, including crowdsourced insights from the Sentimeter opinion engine, which analyses tweets around any sporting event in real-time to work out whether the response is positive or negative, and produce a percentage score.

The app also features news and statistics, which can be customised to the users preferred sports and leagues, and the ability to compare in-play odds from major bookmakers in real-time and directly place bets.

“The Sentimeter brings the power of social media to sport in a way that’s never been seen before,” said Betfuze co-founder and CEO Paul McNea. “Betfuze uses the insights of millions of people, to reveal who the crowd is with, without needing to be in the stadium. This is betting for the mobile and social media generation where news and public opinion combine.”

Betfuze says iPhone and Android versions of the app will follow shortly.