Build trust and brand recognition with Verified SMS

The mGage team explains the benefits of using Verified SMS for brand communications with customers and prospects. 

Verified SMS is an additional verification feature from Google that expands the capabilities of texting and makes it an even more secure platform. The FBI estimates cybercriminals have stolen more than $12bn (£8.7bn) from companies over a five-year span, using phishing attacks and business email compromise. Verified SMS is arguably one of the best solutions currently on the market for preventing attacks when communicating with customers, because no other messaging solution confirms at a glance that a sender is who they claim to be.

Why Verified SMS? 
With Verified SMS, companies can showcase their name, brand, and logo. When a message is verified, a shield symbol will appear. This makes it immediately apparent to the recipient that the message is safe to interact with and increases customer confidence in text messaging as a secure platform. This is particularly useful for industries that handle sensitive information, like healthcare or financial services, and for transferring confidential information like account updates or order tracking via messaging.

Verified SMS is perfect for many applications involving sensitive information, including…

    • Sending One Time Passwords
    • Account Verification
    • Account Alerts
    • Order Confirmation and Tracking Information

What are the features of Verified SMS?
Verified SMS, verifies on a per-message basis that a message is sent from the business it claims to be from. When a message is verified, the recipient sees the sender’s business name, logo, and a verification badge in the message thread.

If a message cannot be verified, Google displays an alert stating that they are unable to verify the sender of this message. Recipients can click the alert to learn more about what the warning means. If the device is not Verified SMS enabled, the message will send as a regular SMS.

How does Verified SMS work?
mGage, mobile messaging provider is the connection between Google and your brand. We work with Google to provide your company’s information, set up, and execute your campaign. When it’s time to launch a campaign, we inform Google to expect a Verified SMS campaign from your brand. Google uses your campaign’s “secret code” to verify the legitimacy of the message. Once the message is verified, the Messages app displays your message in a branded conversation with verification labels.

The destination phone number and message content are not accessible to Google, making Verified SMS a safe way to share confidential information such as one-time passwords or account alerts. If the device is not Verified SMS enabled, the user will receive a standard SMS. If a message is suspicious, Google will display a warning to the customer to protect both your business and your customers.

Key takeaways
Verified SMS is an important step to preserving the safety and security of messaging. It’s also a great way to enhance your brand image. As more brands begin adopting this technology, it will be crucial to work with a mobile aggregator that has partnered with Google to help you get started.

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