Can your mobile help you with productivity?

Benjamin Morsell offers advice on using your mobile to make you more productive.
If you ask people whether smartphones are good or bad for their productivity, most will tell you it’s bad, but the truth is not that black and white. There are surely some aspects of smartphones that make us lose track of time and be unproductive, but there are also benefits.

A smartphone is a powerful device with many features and great potential. Some 6,648 billion people own smartphones, making 83.72 per cent of the entire world population. With numbers like these, it’s clear that smartphones have a lot to offer.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips on how you can make your smartphone productive. Through the points below, we will explain how to get things done with the help of your smartphone, but to do it, you first need to limit the use of your social media. Now read on, and see what the benefits are.

Track the time spent working
Smartphones are filled with apps. Every single one of them has a different use and can be beneficial in some way. If you’re working in an office or on a computer, you can install a free time tracking app and measure how much you’ve worked.

Quit working when the app allows you to. With the clock installed inside, you’ll get a notification when it’s time to rest and when it’s time to work, thus, leaving nothing to your free will, which understandably will always want to play rather than work.

Play a productivity music playlist on your headphones
Smartphones are equipped with Bluetooth, and you can easily connect them to a set of headphones without cables. Most static computers and some laptops still lack this feature, but your smartphone is most probably equipped with it.

The playlist of productive music may help you focus and get the job done. Additionally, you’re not risking opening multiple tabs for the music, wasting RAM on your computer, and listening from an outside source – the phone.

Use voice control for fast information search
Some professions need constant interaction with the computer. They need to search the internet for information. For example, content writers depend on writing accurate and adequate information in their articles, and they need to search for it online constantly.

Instead of losing the momentum and switching from one browser to another, they often use voice search on their smartphones. The smartphone’s AI instantly provides the needed information, saving them time and making sure they’re not defocused by other stuff.

You can use your smartphone’s data connection to have wi-fi access anywhere
When you’re someone without an internet connection, but you need to get something done immediately, you have no other option but to find a wi-fi network. Instead of running around the city for a public hot spot, you can turn one on your phone.

Smartphones have this amazing feature to share their data connection and allow you to use it wherever you are. This significantly raises the chance of being productive. Suppose you’re writing a novel; you never know when inspiration will strike, and with your smartphone, you’re always prepared.

Syncing your email helps you never miss anything
When you’re syncing your phone with your emails, you never risk missing anything important. Simultaneously, you can’t avoid the obligations either because you know that everyone knows you got the email. You’re bound to get things done and never postpone them with it.

Suppose we’re talking about your daily exercise. By syncing your phone with special exercise apps, you get twice more motivated than you usually are, and you’ll get more workouts done knowing that the phone counts your efforts. That’s how you become more productive, even when it comes to your health.

Smartphones can be so valuable for everyone, whether for making calls and doing business or using them as a productivity tool, such as the ones we mentioned above. If you followed the tips above, you now know how to use your smartphone to be more productive.

Download a time tracking app or listen for some motivating music; use it to gain wi-fi access or as a search tool. Find what suits you best, and use this phenomenal device that makes our lives better.