Case study: TabMo, Havas drive footfall and increase brand awareness for Pernod Ricard

Malibu TabMo HavasPernod Ricard wanted to raise awareness of its new Malibu products (Passion Fruit 70cl and Pina Colada Can) launched in summer 2018 and increase sales by driving footfall to stores where they were stocked.  Working with its agency Havas, it identified mobile as the best channel to achieve this. 

TabMo, which specialises in creative mobile advertising technology and targeting, had already delivered a wide variety of successful projects in multiple markets for Pernod Ricard; it was selected again as the mobile partner to deliver against Pernod Ricard’s objectives.

TabMo’s credentials include the ability to: build custom creatives for mobile; bridge online and offline via drive-to-store capacity; track footfall (to store) in real-time; enhance mobile campaigns by activating multiple channels through one platform; provide advertisers with access to unique audience data and inventory supply sources; and close the loop on sales data to quantify success.

The campaign won the best use of football tracking technology, best mobile strategy and best return on investment for a mobile campaign at one of the media and marketing industry’s flagship awards.

Planning, creatives, audiences, geo-targeting and optimisation

The overall campaign was planned by Pernod Ricard and its agency Havas.  Pernod Ricard built three creatives for each product; TabMo adapted these for mobile, adding interactive features that allowed users to tap to find the nearest store stocking Passion Fruit 70cl and Pina Colada cans.

The creatives were activated with TabMo’s mobile demand side platform (DSP) Hawk, which was used by Affiperf (the programmatic buying agency for Havas) to execute the campaign. 

TabMo built six audience data segments, selecting attributes that were identified as resonating well with the core target groups.  Three were demographic: 18+ (critical due to the alcoholic nature of the product); 18-34 years; and 35-64 years.  Three were behavioural: beauty (app usage and Mastercard purchase data); entertainment (app usage and demographic interest data); and music event enthusiasts (app usage data and historical location data).

These segments were geo-targeted using TabMo’s unique mapping technology so that the (relevant) users were only targeted when they were in locations of high relevance; i.e. near a retailer stocking the products.  TabMo worked with the client and agency to map all relevant retailers and were able to target around these stores.  The self-service nature of TabMo’s platform enabled full transparency, so that the client and agency had control over the stores selected.

TabMo ring-fenced each physical store with both a 2km radius and 10km radius so that different creatives could be shown, depending on the proximity of the user to the store.

Users identified within the target audience would see an ad on their mobile when they were within the 2km and 10km range.  Tapping on the ad would open a full-screen map guiding them to the nearest stockist of the product.

TabMo’s Branding to Store product enabled live footfall to be tracked by individual store, with the result that campaigns could be optimised while ‘live’ guaranteeing Malibu were reaching the most efficient audience(s) at all times.

The headline result was that over 39,000 visits to store were tracked within TabMo’s platform Hawk.  These store visits led to an increase of 14.6 per cent in incremental sales of the target products.

This was achieved by an ad engagement rate of 7.22 per cent and a subsequent click through rate (CTR) of 0.40%, indicating that users were accurately targeted and then engaged by the custom creative TabMo produced and likely to click through to the site as a result. 

The cost per store visit was £2.19, almost half the average benchmark expected for a campaign of this nature. In addition, other products in the Malibu range benefited from the ‘halo effect’, showing a sales uplift of 1.1 per cent.

TabMo’s data was verified with a third-party measurement study by IRI.

“Mobile campaign delivered fantastic results”
“We challenged Havas to drive awareness and conversion of our new products amongst our target consumer of digitally savvy 18 – 34-year-old females. Havas’ mobile campaign delivered fantastic results, driving strong sales of our new drinks and ultimately delivering incremental growth for the brand.” Toni Ingram, head of marketing, Pernod Ricard UK

In addition to TabMo’s tracking capability, third party verification figures were provided by an IRI measurement study.