Exclusive Pokémon AR experience is coming to 7-Eleven's app

Alyssa Clementi

In anticipation of the first live-action Pokémon movie, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, 7-Eleven has begun a promotional campaign including movie-themed products, shareable photo filters and augmented reality experiences through the 7-Eleven app. Additionally, leading up to the movie’s debut on May 10th, customers can take advantage of dollar drink deals at participating stores.

Using the augmented reality feature on the 7-Eleven app, Pokémon fans can win free items, including a free pizza slice, four free mini tacos, free any-size cup of Hi-Hat Mocha or other hot beverage, and five free chicken wings. Additionally, Customers can participate in the Mystery Slurpee Sweepstakes, where they can win free Slurpee drinks for a year. 7-Eleven customers will also be able to purchase limited-edition Slurpee bottles and straws.

"'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' is a great entertainment tie-in for 7-Eleven because it appeals to so many of our customers – kids, Gen Z, millennials," said Tarang Sethia, 7-Eleven vice president of digital customer experience. "Millennials, who played the original videogame 20 years ago, are parents now and can enjoy the Pokémon phenomenon all over again with their kids. The entire Pokémon franchise launched as a videogame, making it the perfect vehicle to create experiences that maximize the new and growing AR capabilities in the 7-Eleven app."