Facebooks Messenger App Arrives on iPad, Bringing Voice Calls With It

ipad callsFacebooks Messenger app has released a dedicated iPad version that includes a voice call functionality. Previously, the tablets would use an enlarged version of the iPhone app.

The new version includes all the standard functionality of Messenger, such as being able to send voice recordings and media to Facebook friends, as well as the new voice call feature, which can operate over either wi-fi, or cellular networks if you have a data plan.

The iPad version of the app uses a multi-window interface similar to the Facebooks in-browser messenger, and introduces a small phone icon into message threads that enables users to call their Facebook friends who also have Messenger installed. For users with the Messenger app installed on an iPhone and iPad, it will ring both devices, and users have the choice of which to answer on.

Facebook hasnt announced a release date for an Android tablet version of the app, but expanding Messengers full functionality to as many devices as possible is key to Facebooks long-term goal of disrupting both the SMS and voice call markets. Recent moves like the purchase of WhatsApp and the hiring of former PayPal president David Marcus as VP of Messaging Products suggest it has a much more aggressive strategy to expanding Messenger planned.