In conversation with Frederic Tallier, Impact

Mobile Marketing sits down with Frederic Tallier, Impact Nordics Country Manager, as he walks us through Impact’s growth in the Nordics and explains why there has been an explosion in ad tech in that region.

Mobile Marketing: Tell us about your journey and how it brought you to Impact.

Frederic Tallier: I would define myself as an experienced consulting specialist with a history of working in the computer and network security industry. I have had a long-term relationship with the leadership team at impact, so it almost felt like a natural progression to work with a business that has prioritised innovation above everything else. The presence of Nordic roots in Impact’s founders and how they value them shows that they understand this particular market.

I understood the vision and had been studying it closely, which is why I wanted to bring and lead that same vision in the Nordics. An extended relationship with the leadership team at Impact motivated me to take that step and help expand their growth in such an important region.

MM: How promising is the Nordics region for Impact’s growth?

FT: This region is very promising as Norway and Sweden have hit the ground running and brought major brands like iDeal of Sweden and PHOTOWALL are on board. Denmark is also set to follow their lead and is now looking to swiftly gain momentum. This exceptional growth in Nordics goes to show that it is the right time to expand. To develop this expansion effectively we recently brought Marcus Ericson and Nicolai Mariegaard as Country Managers in their respective areas. We are excited for what’s to come!

MM:  What is driving growth in the Nordics?

FT: Nordics have been testing the digital waters for a while, with so many companies exporting globally, it has opened doors to great opportunities. Influencers are on the rise and online sales are not only booming locally but also globally.

We have always deemed market share in the Nordics important and we are thrilled that big brands here are ready to seek even bigger opportunities; this makes it the perfect time to achieve groundbreaking growth. Brands here in the Nordics are thinking of innovating more in the online space, with many emerging fashion retailers also thinking on a global level and aspiring to go worldwide. The Nordic businesses need to export, which is the main difference between Germany and France who typically stay within their own countries.

With online sales skyrocketing, these businesses are willing to play the global field, since their own market isn’t large enough. English language gaining popularity here is also proving to be an asset and there are next to no limits as there is minimal competition.

MM: Are there any specific industries who are prioritizing growth globally?

FT: Currently, retail and tech companies are extremely successful here. The gaming industry itself is also huge in this region, with popular platforms like Skype and Minecraft both hailing from Sweden. This shows how these successful companies have paved the way for every emerging business to think globally.

MM:  Where does Impact sit within this growth?

FT: There is a growing need for brands to manage these expansions and tap into the partnership economy. A technology service like Impact is now a must have for marketers.

The biggest advantage is that Impact has no competitors here and the partnership technology and the ease that Impact provides has made us practically own the partnership space. We give the market an opportunity to work transparently, seamlessly, within their programmes. This is a new concept that appeased the bigger companies and, like a domino effect, has made other businesses follow suit as well!

After penetrating the market, we have seen tremendous opportunities and we are continuing to grow the team. We are also aiming to have a local presence and knowledge outside of the US or UK as well.

Norway has been on the sidelines for quite a while, but we are now coming in full force to play in the global field. Watch this space for exciting updates on Impact’s growth and how they’re bringing the Nordics to the much-deserved spotlight!