Kaleyra helps Banca Widiba offer a seamless banking experience with its video solution

The Kaleyra team explains how Banca Widiba successfully deployed its video solution to improve its customer experience.

After becoming accustomed to new virtual service options during the pandemic, today’s consumers demand a greater degree of flexibility and efficiency from their financial institutions. More than 67 per cent of consumers use video calls to communicate with businesses and service providers globally. Video calls have been on the rise substantially over the past few years, which means banks and financial organizations have an excellent opportunity to meet new demand by offering video calling.

A growing number of financial customers prefer to interact with their bank face-to-face to discuss more complex matters, and video conferencing provides the best avenue for combining digital empowerment and human expertise.

Click on the link to watch our video case study about how Banca Widiba, a digital bank, used Kaleyra’s services to redefine customer experiences.