Matt Kapko Joins the Mobile Marketing Team

We are delighted to announce that Matt Kapko has joined the Mobile Marketing team as our US correspondent. For the past few weeks, Matt has been posting stories from his base on the West Coast.

Matt cut his teeth as a newspaper and news wire reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area, and later held reporting and editing positions at RCR Wireless News, and iMedia Communications. He began covering the mobile industry when 3G  networks and flip phones were still the rage in 2006 – before the dawn of the iPhone.

Matt keeps an eye on all things mobile today as a freelance journalist and writer with a special focus on media, entertainment, enterprise and devices. Matt earned a double major in journalism and history from Humboldt State University and has worked as a journalist in small towns and big cities up and down the California coast for more than a decade.

Matt lives in Long Beach, Calif. You can follow him on Twitter (@mattkapko) and at Eye on Mobile.