Mobile Marketing launches Digital Experts Council

Today, Mobile Marketing Magazine is launching a new membership platform, the Digital Experts Council, which will aim to keep brands, agencies and marketers more informed with the best insights into ad tech and mobile marketing. Were joined by our founding members Teavaro, Urban Airship, Weve and Fyber.

For almost 10 years, Mobile Marketing has worked with agencies and tech companies globally to help educate and inform brands about the opportunities and benefits around mobile marketing. Through our content and event series, weve helped to establish mobile as the centre of a new omnichannel approach to digital marketing. With the launch of the Digital Experts Council, we are working towards giving brands more regular access to quality content and speakers in the form of our members.

“Mobile Marketing Magazine has been a valued partner of Weve for years; its numerous summits help provide access to key clients and industry stakeholders, while its publications have always played a role in our communications strategy,” said Timothea Horwell, marketing and research manager at Weve. “We are delighted to join its new membership platform and look forward to working with the team on a number of projects in the year ahead.”

“Fyber is committed to being a driving force in shaping the future of the mobile advertising and monetisation environment,” said Einav Dinur, VP Marketing at Fyber. “We believe it is time to bring more efficiency and innovation, and take away friction from todays ecosystem. The best way to do that is to help facilitate the conversation between all stakeholders in a highly engaged environment. That is why we are excited to be a founding member of the Digital Experts Council and take an active role in enhancing the current state of programmatic trading.”

As part of our continuing efforts to deliver the best in digital education, advice and news we will work with our founding partners and all new members on exclusive content. Each member will publish monthly content which will reach our global audience through our site, social and email channels reaching over 90,000 engaged marketers monthly.

Members will also keep readers up to date on their latest work and news via our new Members Portal, appearing on the site soon.

“Joining the new Digital Experts Council is attractive as it provides a 12 month continuous marketing opportunity to leading digital brands and publishers and allows us to develop a monthly evolving story of marketing communication, and also direct personal engagements,” said Robert Bergmann, CEO and co-founder of Teavaro, one of our founding members. “In the current ever-more disruptively changing digital media landscape, we see this as a good platform to talk about what we do at Teavaro.”

By partnering with the best in the industry, we aim to deliver high quality insight to brands who need it most through all our available channels. This means our members will also feature in our Mobile Marketing Summit series, meeting brands face-to-face, answering their questions and delivering intelligent and thought provoking presentations to brands on the topics that matter most to them.

If you’d like to hear more on the Digital Experts Council get in touch with James McGowan on or +44 (0) 7871 859 493.