Samsung Launches App Store

Samsung is to launch an on-device application store for Samsung Smartphone users. The app store will open in the UK, France and Italy on 14 September, with more than 30 other countries to follow. Initially, the store will be accessible to Omnia and I8910 HD users, and later, to owners of other models such, as the Omnia II and Omnia Lite.
The Samsung Application Store will enable to browse a variety of applications in various categories, including Games, References, Social Networking, e-books and Health-related Tools (e.g pedometer, eye test, etc).
In order to activate the service, Omnia and I8910 HD users will need to upgrade their devices. Omnia customers can download and install the mobile client from the app store website. I8910 HD customers can upgrade their software by selecting the Application Download icon on their phones.
The on-device client is available in English, French and Italian, and supports credit card and phone billing through the mobile application store. Users who havent signed up as a member of the Application Store can purchase free and paid apps through the phone billing payment option. Additional languages, devices and features will be added throughout the year.
The Application Store is designed to automatically display the relevant application catalogue available for a users specific Samsung mobile phone model, and works over mobile networks and wi-fi.
Over 300 native applications meeting Samsungs content guidelines will be available at launch, expected to grow to over 2,000 by the end of 2009. Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Handmark, TAITO, Paragon SW, Capcom, Com2us, Prompt, Pearson Longman, Bokan Tech and Diotek are among the application providers.
In a separate move, Samsung has also announced the launch of the Samsung Corby (model: S3650), which it describes as a mobile phone designed to support the digitally connected lifestyles of todays young mobile users.
The Corby, available across Europe later this month, is a full-touch handset that supports a wide range of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It comes in a range of bold colours, and boasts a 2.8-inch QVGA screen, plus quad band connectivity and support for EDGE networks. The device will go on sale mid-SAeptember priced around 150 (132).