Strava reveals social ambitions

David Murphy

Strava has ambitions to become more than a running, cycling, swimming and other fitness activity tracker, and is planning changes to its platform that will give it more of a feel of a social network.

The news was revealed by Strava CEO James Quarles. In an interview with Business Insider, Quarles explained that since October, Strava users have had the option of creating “non-activity” posts.

"That was all born from just looking at how people have been bending the product up to this point of commenting and asking questions,” he said. “We thought how can we make this just a natural experience. If you wanted to ask your following base: 'Hey, I'm going to buy a new watch, which watch do you prefer?' that would be a good use of a question in a post." 

Strava users have welcomed the change and joined in.

In the interview, Quarles also revealed that Strava want to make it easier for users to tap into the information that already exists in the platform, from the best local club to join, to the best place for a coffee.

He also said he did not see Strava entering the hardware business, referencing the partnerships the company has in place with established hardware makers such as Garmin, Fitbit, Apple and Samsung.

“I also think hardware is particularly hard,” he said. “It's a different business model. We've got software engineers, we're really great at software and consumer experiences and I think that's where our investments will continue to go."