European Commission

TikTok hit with complaints over alleged breaches of EU law

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) has filed a complaint against TikTok with the European Commission and the various consumer protection authorities across the EU, while consumer organisations in 15 countries have urged their national authorities to investigate the video sharing platform

European Commission

EU accuses Amazon of breaching antitrust rules

The Commission has reached the ‘preliminary view’ that Amazon has been relying on the non-public business data of independent sellers on its marketplace to help its own retail business

European Commission

Google says it wont use Fitbit data, as it seeks EU acquisition approval

Google has decided to promise not to use Fitbit’s health data for targeted advertising in a bid to convince EU regulators that their antitrust concerns are misplaced

European Commission

Facebooks Libra facing EU antitrust investigation

Facebook is reportedly facing a European Union competition probe into its much-criticised Libra digital currency, adding to the ever-growing list of investigations into the social network around the world. The

European Commission

EU lining up formal investigation into Amazons use of merchant data

Amazon is reportedly set to face a ‘full-blown’ antitrust investigation from the European Union’s (EU) head of competition as she looks to complete her crackdown on a group of US

European Commission

Alphabet stock drops five per cent following report of slowest growth in three years

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, experienced a five per cent drop in its stock after the trading floor closed, following the release of its Q1 2019 earnings report. The report outlined

European Commission

Facebook cleans up data use T&Cs in Europe

Facebook has agreed to make changes to its terms and conditions following pressure from lawmakers within the European Union over a lack of clarity in the policies. Following discussions between

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European Commission

Why tech giants like Facebook and Google are being torn down a strip by regulators

The team at Mobvista look at how regulators are finally starting to catch up to, and gain authority over, the internets biggest players The regulatory tide is turning on the

European Commission

Apple hits back at Spotify over European Commission complaint

Apple has fired back at Spotify, after the world’s largest streaming service filed a complaint with the European Commission accusing Apple of creating an unfair App Store environment by deliberately

European Commission

Facebook isnt transparent enough about political ads, Mozilla tells the EU

Mozilla has sent a letter to the European Commission to raise concerns about the lack of publicly available data about political advertising on Facebook, urging the EU body to present

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