Telefonica selects Swrve for customer engagement

Telefónica has chosen Swrve to drive its app adoption, engagement, and subscriber satisfaction activities among its more than 350m customers across 14 countries.

Telefónica has chosen Swrve to deliver relevant, individualized subscriber experiences in real time and process and segment millions of behavioural data points in milliseconds. Swrve will be tasked with understanding in real time where and when subscribers are most likely to engage and appreciate the value of timely and relevant messages.

It will also monitor feature usage and conduct deep behavioural targeting to deliver relevant messages to users that haven’t taken advantage of specific app capabilities and promotions. It will also identify frequent users and engage them for feedback and app store reviews.

“To drive the growth of our services, we need a level of customer engagement that sets standards of excellence for timeliness, personalization, and relevance,” said Fabio Bruggioni, global digital platform director at Telefónica. “We selected Swrve for their powerful AI, targeting, triggering, and real-time capabilities, as well as their in-depth understanding and ability to execute on our core business needs.”

Swrve CEO Tom Aitchison said the company’s ability to monitor and act on deep customer behavioral data in sub-second time frames will be of huge benefit to the Telefónica team in their rollout of Smart Notifications, Smart WiFi, e-Care apps and video streaming apps. “Our platform was built from the ground up to meet those needs and we are excited to partner with Telefonica to elevate their customer experience through better engagement,” said Aitchison.