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Awards Preview - b2b App

David Murphy

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony is now just tow weeks today, and as we continue our daily preview of the finalists in each category, today, it's time to turn thre focus on the Most Effective Mobile Application - b2b.

First up is Apertomove for its AlphaGuide app for iOS. This is a service guide app for Alphabet Fleet Management companies. That might not sound particularly exciting, but the app itself is very well thought through, with sections to help drivers find their nearest service centre or petrol station, and a particularly well designed Accident Report template, which promotes the driver to complete all the necessary details, and also enables them to upload photos of the accident scene.

Next up is Compsoft for iPresent. This is an iPad app that enables marketers to upload presentations, videos, white papers and other marketing collateral to a central portal via a content management system, for distribution to the sales force’s iPads. It’s intuitive to use and turns the iPad into a sophisticated sales tool.

The third contenders are MPS and BBI for the Norbar Torque Calculator. This is an app with but one role in life: to make it easy for engineers to find the correct torque measurement for any application of their equipment, converting from one specific torque unit measurement to another, thus avoiding costly errors on site. It’s a role it fulfils with aplomb, and the app is available in several languages for a global engineering audience.

The Audi Mileage Tracker, created by Somo, is similarly single-minded. It is designed for Audi car drivers. It tracks business mileage and calculates the amount of money a business driver can claim back for the miles covered, making it quick and easy for business people who clock up a lot of miles on the road to claim back their expenses. It also enables Audi to maintain a relationship with drivers who often played no part in the decision to buy an Audi vehicle.

The next contenders in this category are Wienerberger and Sync Interactive for the Wienerberger Brick Selector. How can an app designed to help you choose bricks be anything other than dull, you may wonder. Well check this one out and think again. It’s a great example of an app that succeeds, despite the apparent dullness of the subject matter. Note the word ‘apparent’. After playing with this app for a while, you’ll begin to believe that bricks are beautiful.

The final shortlisted entry in this category is QuickMobile for TechSpec. If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a venue for an event, something we here at Mobile Marketing have been doing a lot lately, you’ll know that you can end up with a lot of scribbled notes on pieces of paper that you can never find when you need them.
TechSpec solves the problem neatly, providing a template for each venue that enables you to enter details of the amount of meeting and public space, the number of guest rooms, plus venue contact details. You can also add notes and photos and email the venue details direct from the app.

Good luck to all our finalists. The winner will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, which takes place on 29 November at the London Film Museum on the site of County Hall on South Bank, a stone's throw from the London Eye. The event is almost sold out, but at last count, there were a couple of tables left. To book your place, contact Lisa Slavin by email or telephone +44 (0) 20 7183 5285. Individual seats cost £250; a table of 10 costs £2,150.

The 2012 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards are sponsored by  Openmarket, 7Digital, Celtra and Propel. To find out more about how to get your business or brand involved, contact John Owen by email or telephone on +44 (0) 77696 74824.