3 UK Appoints 4th Screen and Mobix

David Murphy

3 UK has chosen 4th Screen and Mobix Interactive to run its ad-supported mobile video service. 4th Screen Advertising will act as 3s sales partner, responsible for providing brands with access to 3s on-portal video content, while Mobix will be responsible for delivering real-time, in-video advertising based on targeted campaign metrics using its Adrenalin, mobile video platform, and for managing the relationships with content partners. 
The videos, which are set to go live later this year, will vary in price from free to 50p,  depending on length and type. 3 UK says it will initialy deliver news, weather and movie reviews to subscribers, followed soon after by comedy, music and cartoon content. This will sit alongside 3s inventory of existing premium entertainment and information services, such as mobile games and full length music downloads.
The new service will provide brands with the means to deliver personalised advertising to 3s active subscriber base of more than 3 million people. 3 says that ads will be targeted using demographic data, in order to allow brands to communicate with their core target consumers. It says also that the frequency of ads will be carefully managed to prevent wasted impressions and brand fatigue. 
Neil Andrews, Head of Portal Advertising at 3 UK says:
Choosing Mobix Interactive and 4th Screen allows us to continue to offer the best possible mobile advertising space to brands. By intelligently targeting advertising towards key demographics in this way, companies can engage with their consumer on an individual level at a time and place of their choosing. Additionally, by allowing people access to video content at a consumer-friendly price, we can offer brands a potentially massive target audience.