Advertisers Increasingly Include Store Locators and App Links

Alex Spencer

Advertising campaigns featuring store locator functionality and links to app download pages are on the rise, according to research by Millennial Media

The October SMART (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) report, based on data taken directly from client's advertising campaigns, shows that campaigns that directed consumers to an app download page – rather than a website or landing page – increased 33 per cent month-over-month, making up 29 per cent of the total campaigns on Millenial's platform.

Campaigns with a store locator function, meanwhile, grew 5 per cent month-over-month and made up 23 per cent of campaigns. This option was particularly popular with retail advertisers looking to drive foot traffic. 

The October SMART report also shone a spotlight on entertainment advertising, primarily promoting news film, followed by TV and DVD. 23 per cent of entertainment campaigns included an mCommerce option to enable consumers to purchase tickets and DVDs directly from their devices. Over 50 per cent of these campaigns gave consumers the opportunity to watch a video. In both cases, this was more double the overall average for all verticals.