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Apple Watch Leads Smartwatch Market in Sales

Tim Maytom

apple watch slideshowApple's first smartwatch has been met with a mixed reception overall, with many people disappointed by the lack of functions and the launch considered something of a fiasco by some. However, that hasn't stopped consumers snapping up the device and taking the Apple Watch to the top of sales charts.

According to online sales tracking firm 1010Data, the Apple Watch is the overall revenue leader in wearables, bringing in 42 per cent of all sales for the first half of the year, compared to closest rival Fitbit's 31 per cent.

However, in total unit sales, Fitbit takes the lead, with its various fitness trackers making up 35 per cent of wearable sales, while Apple shrinks to 11 per cent, demonstrating the impact the Apple Watch's high cost and luxury models have had.

Looking at purely smartwatches, the Apple Watch accounts for 88 per cent of revenues, with its $400 (£256) Sport model the best-selling unit of the various Apple Watch designs. 80 per cent of all Apple Watches have been bought through Apple's own website, with Amazon Direct accounting for nine per cent and Amazon Marketplace for 5 per cent.

For activity trackers, Fitbit led the market in both revenue and units, earning 62 per cent of all revenue. Even large brands in the fitness space struggle to compare, with Garmin at seven per cent, Jawbone at five per cent and Polar at four per cent. Amazon is the preferred online retailer for fitness trackers, selling 72 per cent of all units between its direct and marketplace sales.

"We all know the Apple Watch isn't just about being a smartwatch or being a watch at all," said Aaron Mendes, vice president of online insights products at 1010Data. "Apple doesn't enter markets, they create markets. Post release, Apple Watch is still the clear leader in consumer interest, blowing away nearly every other smartwatch brand in terms of product views.

"However, it remains to be seen whether Apple can maintain strong momentum in driving consumer interest going forward."