Camera IQ launches Virtual Try-On Composer for AR commerce

Gabby Fernie

No-code design platform for augmented reality (AR), Camera IQ today announced the launch of its Virtual Try-On Composer, a design tool that enables brands to quickly and easily build AR-based virtual try-on experiences.

While other solutions require time-intensive scripting and configuration methods or extensive production and development, the Virtual Try-On Composer makes it easy for brands to build sophisticated, customised AR experiences at scale in a fraction of the time, with no coding required.

The tool provides an array of customization options that give brands the flexibility to easily customize AR experiences with specific parameters such as colour, shape, texture, finish, and more. Or they can simply upload their own 3D models, and the Virtual Try-On Composer automatically translates products into the camera so they can be incorporated into any campaign. 

The product comes with a library of curated templates designed to achieve specific business goals like increasing awareness of a product launch, driving sales with product visualization and application, educating customers on how-to use their product, and more. Brands can customize these AR experience templates, and even design interactive features into their experiences by adding triggers for effects to appear or actions to happen upon certain triggers, like the user opening their mouth or tapping an item.

Camera IQ then deploys AR experiences at scale across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms, enabling audiences to unlock their creative expression while trying on brand products virtually. 

“There’s no doubt in the efficacy of AR for virtual try-ons, but that’s just the beginning of what AR can do to bring brands and their audiences closer together,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Camera IQ, Allison Ferenci. “Not only can AR drive social commerce by helping consumers visualize products, but it enables them to interact with brands in whole new ways through the act of co-creation. When brands marry the utility and fun of AR, that’s when they see the biggest impact to their ROI: engagement rates soar, and the likelihood of conversion increases by 250 per cent. We launched the Virtual Try-On Composer to help brands accelerate their commerce strategy, lower development barriers, and make it incredibly easy to build practical and engaging AR experiences. Now any brand can be an AR creator!”