Disctopia launches one-stop shop podcast app

Independent podcast streaming platform Disctopia has launched an app that acts as a one-stop shop for podcasters and listeners.

The Disctopia apps main features include an enhanced podcast library, with over 4m podcast shows, video podcasts. With the growing love for podcast shows globally and Statista estimating that there will be 100m podcast listeners in the US by 2024, Disctopia is looking to position the platform as a leading podcast listening service. Through its varied selection of podcast content and its customizable interface, the app aims to increase app usage beyond industry standards and offer independent creators a wider reach. The app also hopes to attract even more podcast listeners into the fold by including the platform’s newest video podcast feature.

“Our goal at Disctopia is to create a global mobile-first experience for podcast listeners,” said said Disctopia Founder and CEO, Patrick Hill. “A constant reminder of this long-standing vision is why we went back to the drawing board to build a mobile app that aligns with podcast listeners needs, expectations, and preferences. We built the new mobile app entirely to improve the podcast listening experience with useful and approachable features,”