DNA to Bring Merlin Games to Mobile

DNA Interactive has signed a licensing deal to bring games for the TV series Merlin to mobile platforms. 

The deal, with Fremanatle Enterprises, will see an episodic point-and-click fantasy adventure game released in Q1 2012. Players will take control of the young Merlin on a quest to help Arthur and Guinevere. 

DNA will develop the game using its proprietary, cross-platform Rapid Application Development tool, the Slam Engine, and publish on the iOS and Android platforms.

The TV series was created by Fremantle and BBC1, with Fremantle holding the exclusive distribution, home entertainment, and licensing rights. The TV show has been sold to over 52 broadcasters in 183 countries. 

Ed Blincoe, CEO of DNA Interactive, says: “We are thrilled to be bringing to iOS and Android gamers a fun, challenging and highly interactive gaming experience based on the much-loved Merlin brand. The television show currently entertains tens of millions of viewers worldwide. The wealth of content and global awareness of the brand is sure to contribute to the ultimate success of Merlin: the Game; and, in turn, positively impact DNAs revenue growth in the coming year.”

Martin Ogden, commercial development manager for FremantleMedia, says: “Merlin continues to grow in popularity all over the world and we are delighted to further extend our international licensing programme with Merlin: the Game, which offers fans of the series a new and exciting way to interact with the brand.”