Facebook Buys Moves

Moves sshotIt already knows more about its users lives than anyone could ever need to know through their status updates, now Facebook could potentially be able to track at least some of its users every movement, after it acquired the fitness and activity tracking app, Moves, for an undisclosed sum.

Moves uses location data to record users daily activity and from the speed of the motion calculates, and displays, whether they were walking, cycling, or on public transport. Since its launch in January 2013, it has been downloaded 4m times to iPhone and Android devices.

The deal was announced in a blog post today by the company behind the app, ProtoGeo. The company was founded in Jan 2012 in Helsinki. ProtoGeo has to date raised seed funding from Lifeline Ventures, PROfounders, AJP Holding, Juha Lindfors, Jyri Engeström and Tekes.

In the blog post, the company says that the Moves experience will continue to operate as a standalone app, and “there are no plans to change that or commingle data with Facebook”.