Fiksu Updates SDK to Support Apple’s Advertising Identifier

App marketing specialist Fiksu has released version 3.0 of its SDK to support Apple’s new marketing attribution standard for the iOS 6 platform, the Advertising Identifier.

In iOS 6, Apple has introduced the ability for mobile app advertisers to use this new identifier to replace the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) for ad attribution purposes. Mobile app marketers using the Fiksu Platform can download and implement Fiksu SDK 3.0 and run the Advertising Identifier in parallel to existing attribution techniques until the industry has fully transitioned to the new identifier.

“The complexities of tracking and accurately attributing app downloads and loyal usage to mobile media spend are crucial to app marketing performance, and Fiksu is well positioned to help brands transition to this new iOS standard,” said Fiksu CEO, Micah Adler. “The advent of the Advertising Identifier is an important step for the marketplace, and we expect the industry will rally around it over the coming months as the overarching solution for in-app ad attribution.”

Craig Palli, VP of business development and client services at Fiksu, adds that, in order to be effective, the new identifier needs to be adopted broadly by the ecosystem, including ad networks, real-time bidding exchanges, publishers, advertisers, and consumers. He says he expects the transition period to take several months before the UDID is ultimately replaced by the Advertising Identifier.

During the transition to Apple’s Advertising Identifier, Fiksu’s SDK version 3.0 will continue to support the UDID, which it says at present remains the most cost-effective way to obtain users. Fiksu will also continue to support other attribution technologies, including HTML5 Cookie Tracking, Digital Fingerprinting and MAC Address. This approach, it says, will ensure that advertisers can maximize their reach, without impacting their user acquisition strategy. It will also provide ad networks and publishers with the time they need to update their SDKs, and also give consumers time to upgrade to iOS 6, which is required in order to access the new identifier.

Fiksu is hosting a free webinar, Apple’s Announcements – How Marketing Apps on iOS Will Change on Wednesday, 26 September at 12:00 p.m. EDT. You can register for the webinar here.