Froggie Marches On

David Murphy

Spanish mobile tech company Froggie has announced the launch of version 2.0 of its Mobile Web portal CMS (Content Management System) for digital content.
According to Froggie, the CMS currently achieves conversion rates of up to 20%. It says the new version allows the complete personalisation of a mobile web portal, with all the products and services that a company desires to sell on the mobile web, with powerful search and CRM modules, such as most requested, similar products, and user recommendations.
Froggie says that Version 2 offers a faster response to any navigational request than version 1. It can also display the most purchased or most visited content, along with the best offers. The number of clicks required to make a purchase has been minimised. And it incorporates  services outside the CMS such as advertising and videocall services.
Our digital content CMS is a very effective tool for the sale of digital content on the mobile web, says Froggie Founder, Tom Horsey. The tool, particularly when used together with the editorial version, offers a direct way for offline and online media to monetise their editorial and digital content on WAP internationally, under their own branding.
Froggie notes that its philosophy is based on mutual collaboration, and its services are almost always provided on a white-label basis. Its client base includes editorial groups, mobile content developers, TV and radio stations, Internet portals, mobile marketing and ad agencies and entertainment service providers.