Giffgaff shifts away from digital giants to ‘diversifying’ sustainability

Giffgaff has announced plans to “diversify” from some of the “big digital players” moving forward.

Speaking about the company’s sustainability efforts at the 2024 Advertising Week Europe conference in London yesterday [14 May 2024], Giffgaff’s Marketing Strategy Director Georgina Bramall, said: “So rather than everything going to Facebook and Google, we might bring some newer suppliers to the plan, who have made strides within this carbon reduction space.”

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However, prioritising carbon impact in its sustainability strategy, the mobile network has been able to remove 52 tonnes of carbon from its environmental footprint over the past year, 14% of its yearly media plan.

However, Bramall added: “We’re not happy with that yet, we want to move that forward, but it’s a really good start for the first year of that relationship.”

She also recognised despite the company’s primary focus to to “remove carbon at source,” there are situations where that is not possible.

Last year, Giffgaff achieved B Corp accreditation, positioning the move at the centre of its new brand, with the slogan ‘We’re Up To Good’. As part of its move, Giffgaff recently unveiled its ‘Up to Good Collective Fund’, encouraging clients and agency partners to support climate action initiatives.

The fund invites to contribute a percentage of their media spend or ad value to advance environmental projects spearheaded by Giffgaff and MG OMD.

Bramell continued: “[The fund] will enable us to think about how we take those contributions from media.

“How do we take those contributions from partners and make a real tangible difference and effort within those spaces.”