Gofresh Combines Advertising and Social Networking

David Murphy

Gofresh, the technology company behind the off-deck mobile community for UK and US users,, ( says it will launch what it describes as the worlds first mobile social ad-network in New York during the MIXX conference which takes place in New York on 24 and 25 September.
The concept behind Gofreshs new mobile advertising idea is simple: dont book channels, reach people on their mobile phones, says Gofresh COO Sabine Irrgang. To make advertising a success on mobiles, ads have to be relevant for the user and targeted for the brands.
The service runs on an ad platform developed in-house by Gofresh, and offers almost all mobile advertising formats, including banners, click-to-call, in-game advertising, WAP site branding, Mobile TV and personalised content downloads.
Gofresh says a one user exclusive per day deal is the service highlight. Prices start at $0.60 per user and day, including three different forms of advertising, for example video downloads, animated banners, and brand elements such as background images. The exclusive deal guarantees that users do not get any other branding campaigns or banner ads during the same time period, except for text ads.
For the launch phase, the mobile ad network is already integrated for the 600,000 mobile Internet homepages of As a second step, other mobile communities will be added. It is not a competitive product to traditional mobile advertising, the company says, but offers the opportunity to integrate targeted user profiles within the existing ad channels of the big ad networks.
For advertisers with a minimum budget of $10,000 (5,000), there are more than 100 targeting parameters available, fom age to special interests and location-based information, all released by users for advertising purposes. Gofresh says the mobile social ad network already has a total of more than 2.1 million mobile WAP sites optimised for more than 3,000 handsets.