Google releases timeline for Privacy Sandbox

Gabby Fernie

After a series of delays, Google has released a detailed timeline for Privacy Sandbox, designed to phase out the third-party tracking cookie in browser Chrome. 

The coming sandbox includes products FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) and Fledge (First Locally-Executed Decision over Groups Experiment) which will be “ready for adoption” in Q3 2022, with full implementation expected one year later.

However, the timeline is not yet set in stone as Google notes "information may change and will be updated monthly.”

RTB House is one of the four major advertising partners working closely with Google during the cookieless transition.

RTB House's Director of Global Inventory, Lukasz Wlodarczyk has released the company's prediction on what is coming next for FLoC, stating "we expect that in the near future Google Chrome will be presenting a new, more privacy-preserving iteration of FLoC. This new version is expected to address both private and public feedback that Google received from multiple sources, such as an extensive Privacy analysis of FLoC from Mozilla."