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How to rule advertising in 2022: Admiral Media launches new TikTok Handbook

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Businesses of every type are scrambling to figure out how to market on TikTok. It's no wonder. With its short-form video format and engaging content, TikTok is winning over users of all ages – and eclipsing Twitter and Facebook.

There’s no sign of its growth slowing down anytime soon. So now marketers are racing to understand how to master the platform.

They need help. Which is why Admiral Media has just released the TikTok Handbook for Advertisers.

In this guide, Admiral shares everything it has learned about TikTok marketing: from benchmarks, to creatives, to hidden features that can make or break performance.

While brands may still hesitate to embrace TikTok, there is no reason to. Admiral says that with the right content and strategy, TikTok can be leveraged to promote all kinds of products – as long as you understand the channel, its creators and rules of engagement.

And it’s worth it: Admiiral found that metrics like CPM, cost per install were lower across the board while engagement was up. With 55 percent less spend, Admiral was able to reach 100 percent more impressions on TikTok vs. Facebook.

This new guide comprises best practices on creatives and successful TikTok ad strategies. It also shares results for the latest performance benchmarks comparing TikTok, Facebook and Google Ads KPIs, such as CPC, CPM and engagement rates across all Admiral clients and campaigns.

Also, you will learn how to use some little known features for advertisers such as TikTok Auto Targeting and App Profiles and what their real impact is.

Download the TikTok Handbook for Advertisers here.