Impact now allows marketers to track in-app click and conversions

Partnership automation company Impact has improved its cloud platform to support mobile web and in-app partnerships for businesses who can now track deep linking to specific product pages in an app, in-app clicks and conversions to validate partner attribution.

Impact says the capabilities of TrueLink allows marketers to increase revenue and mobile conversion rates with existing partners, while expanding reach to unlock other opportunities like mobile-only apps, mobile games and publishers.

Recent Criteo research found that 70 percent of mobile transactions occur in-app, converting three times as many users compared to mobile web, and increasing transactions year-over-year by 22 percent.

The company says partnership teams can use the TrueLink technology to direct a user to a specific location in an app with the goal of conversion, such as a lead form submission, purchase or membership sign-up. They provide their partners with a single link that takes users to a specific location in their app, the download page in the app store or the equivalent mobile web page, depending on whether the user has the app installed.

Impact says their tracking system requires no change or integration on the partner side which allows partnership teams to route both mobile web and app traffic into their app interface.

“The concept of deep linking and tracking is challenging when it comes to the in-app world due to the number of variables, e.g. from app-to-app, mobile web to app, or vice versa,” said Matt Wool, president at Acceleration Partners. “With Impact’s mobile capabilities, we’re excited to help our clients drive revenue from the growing volume of conversions they’re already seeing from their mobile app users. Tracking activity means we can optimize mobile user engagement, compensate appropriately and strengthen relationships with partners.”