Magnolia launches major content management software update

Magnolia, the Swiss content management solutions platform, has announced the release of Magnolia 6, the most updated version of its flagship software. In order to help busy marketers, the launch of Magnolia 6 includes a suite of brand-new features centered around facilitating a more diligent and improved customer service experience.

“Today, the battleground for digitally savvy enterprises is the quality of the customer experience. Enterprises that deliver a better customer experience are poised to win in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Rasmus Skjoldan, chief marketing officer of Magnolia CMS. “This is the inspiration behind Magnolia 6. We’re giving our users a better experience by seamlessly integrating our system with each of the solutions within their martech stack, so that they can fully focus on delivering a higher-quality customer experience. This is what every marketer should expect from their content management system now and in the future.”

New features incorporated on Magnolia 6 include: “re-designed user interface, intelligent contextual search, automated tagging and faster content modeling functionalities.” According to Magnolia, these upgrades will help marketers bring their ideas to life quicker and cut time-to-market for new projects, ultimately leading to Magnolia becoming the “fastest enterprise CMS on the planet”.

“The modern martech stack is a mess. Every solution wants to be the centerpiece of an enterprises martech ecosystem. This makes it near impossible for digital marketers to establish a seamless workflow across applications,” said Skjoldan.

By supporting “meaningful integrations”, Magnolia aims to optimize customer service experiences, allowing digital marketing professionals all over the world to complete projects faster, within a highly secure and customized platform.

“Humble software – solutions that are less arrogant about wanting to exist on their own – are needed now more than ever. Systems like Magnolia 6, which do more than just share data across applications, are resonating best with today’s marketers,” said Skiodan. “Users need more humble solutions that can surface analytics in just the right places in the experience editor, administer the correct dose of search engine optimization suggestions in the content authoring interface and deliver notifications from other applications right into the software they’re actively working. This is where the industry is headed.”