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Millennial Upgrades SDK with Enhanced Video, Native and Calendar Features

David Murphy

Millennial lightboxIndependent mobile ad marketplace Millennial Media has released new mobile video and native ad units as part of its updated mobile app Software Development Kit (SDK) version 6.0, as well as new monetization capabilities for mobile publishers and developers.

Millennial Media has one of the largest SDK footprints in the world. The new SDK enables publishers to monetize through all mobile demand sources, including Millennial Media-sourced demand, the Millennial Media Exchange, publisher-direct sold campaigns, and publisher and network mediation partners.

New features in the latest Millennial SDK 6.0 include Lightbox, a video ad unit that leverages mobile functionality such as swipe, touch, and sound to interact with the video player. Milllennial said the unit will open up a variety of new premium revenue opportunities for publishers who have not been able to offer video in the past. Once touched by a consumer, the video expands and can play in either a vertical or horizontal format based on device orientation. The video’s companion banner also increases SOV and provides additional opportunities for messaging.

In this version of the SDK, Millennial’s Interstitial Video Ads (Video Plus) have been enhanced with full-screen vertical HD video that comes with interactive, animated buttons and layered rich media elements, which resolves to a dynamic end-card. Vertical or horizontal video capabilities tailor the experience to a consumer’s screen based on device orientation.

The new SDK also offers publishers flexibility over their native experience. They can receive units through an industry-standard in-feed layout or a customized native placement made to fit within each publisher’s own app design. Furthermore, Facebook native ads have been added to the mediation capabilities of the SDK and publisher monetization platform.

Finally, Add to Calendar enhancements creates a calendar event in the device’s native calendar to remind the consumer of a date or event. New features for SDK 6.0 include the ability to track metrics on add-to-calendar actions such as set an alarm or create a recurring event. Millennial said that the additional insights gained from tracking these metrics can lead to retargeting opportunities in the future.

“Mobile video has been a game changer for us, bringing clients’ messages to life through sight, sound, and motion,” said Jennifer Morgan, partner and senior director, Digital Investments at MEC. “Millennial Media’s Lightbox mobile video unit capitalizes on mobile’s custom features and functionality and offers a truly unique experience from PC.”

Millennial Media’s mmSDK 6.0 is available immediately for download here.