NatWest and RBS Roll Out Mobile Chat

NatWest and RBS have launched ‘Mobile Chat’, which offers real-time customer service, through the banks’ Business Banking apps, to all its iPhone-owning customers who are registered for online banking. Mobile agency Grapple has worked with Nat West and RBS on the development of the service.

Once logged in to the app, customers can initiate a conversation with dedicated business banking Mobile Chat advisors, who are available to help with a host of issues from Direct Debit and payment status enquiries, to questions on fees and charges. Mobile Chat aims to
reduce call-waiting and in-branch queue times for time-poor business account holders.

“The number of RBS business banking customers banking on mobile has increased
significantly within the past 12 months and we are delighted to be the first bank in
Europe to launch Mobile Chat, delivering a consistent customer service experience
across all our channels,” said Aron Thompson, digital director, business & commercial at RBS.

The Business Banking app is available to both NatWest and RBS customers who are
registered to use online banking, and is free on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Mobile Chat is available on the iPhone only, and from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.