Netsize Achieves Payforit v2 Compliance

Netsize has achieved Payforit v2.0 compliance. Payforit is the UK service that provides a common framework for mobile payments. It is a trusted method of charging consumers for content and services through the mobile Internet using the mobile phone. The billing amount is charged directly to the users mobile phone bill or deducted from the pre-pay balance. With Payforit, consumers have a consistent payment experience whether shopping on the web or on the mobile Internet.
The new Payforit 2.0 rules provide a number of features that stimulate trust and user confidence in the payment process. Netsize Online Payment with Payforit is fully Payforit 2.0 compliant, and provides new Payforit/pperator logos to give end-users confidence in the Payforit brand; a new link on the payment page What is Payforit?; shop helpline numbers on the payment pages; and merchant branding options for a consistent end-user experience. Netsize adds that any of its customers who use Netsize Online Payment UK are automatically compliant with the new Payforit 2.0 rules.
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