Over 60 per cent of Marketers Want More Money for Digital

  • Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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Phone-in-hand-of-businessman.jpg61 per cent of digital marketing managers say that more money needs to be shifted to digital efforts from offline marketing, with almost 40 per cent saying that senior marketers dont fully understand the capabilities of digital marketing.

These figures come from Marin Softwares second annual Digital Marketing Managers Census, which also found that, despite 25 per cent of all UK media consumption happening via mobile, only 10 per cent of all ad spend is being directed to mobile devices.

Only 35 per cent of managers felt that their organisation had the balance between online and offline spending right, with lack of understanding by senior figures pointed to as the primary reason adoption by marketers was lagging behind use by consumers.

68 per cent felt that online and offline marketing need to be better integrated, and 66 per cent said that their department struggled to access talent with the right skills. 85 per cent said that if they were to move jobs, a recognisable senior digital champion would be a major draw for them.

“This years census paints a picture of digital marketers feeling frustrated by a spending gap,” said John McNulty, head of global marketing at Marin Software. “While overall digital marketing spend has risen significantly, it appears that many companies are still not giving their digital teams the resources they require.

“The proliferation of new digital channels and devices has also left the industry racing to catch up in terms of cross-department integration and the acquisition of technical skills, especially around mobile, to drive cross-channel campaigns.”