Shazam Updates Android App

Shazam has updated its Android app with new features that are available on both the free version, and the premium version, Shazam Encore.

Shazam users on Android can now place a Shazam Widget on their mobile device’s homescreen to immediately begin tagging a song without having to first open the Shazam app. When the ‘Tag Now’ Widget icon is touched, the app starts listening, ready to tag a song and provide information about the artist and the track.

Additionally, with the Widget, Android users can see what tracks other Shazamers are tagging around the world with the live Shazam Tag Stream and add music they are interested in to their own Tag list.
Existing users can access the new features by downloading the update when prompted. To find the new widget features, users simply press and hold on their device’s home creen, select Widgets and then select Shazam from the list.
New Android users can download Shazam for free from Android Market, or download Shazam Encore – the premium version of the App with unlimited tagging and exclusive features – for $4.80 (£3).