Soffos launches TestMe quiz-based, AI-powered training app

App developer Soffos has launched TestMe, an artificial intelligence (AI) learning solution. The app is targeted at school and college students for exam prep as well as corporate training managers. It generates open-ended, quiz-style tests for users from any resources that are uploaded onto the platform. A TestMe beta phase will run until the end of January 2022, with continuous sprints to add additional features and address any bugs. 

To create flashcards and quizzes, TestMe’s AI-driven algorithms ‘read’ the contents of any documents uploaded, before generating probing questions from the content. Unlike solutions that typically rely on multiple choice or other inflexible assessment methods, the company says the app will empower users to speak or type full answers in natural language. 

By allowing users to connect via their personal devices and submit freeform answers in whichever format is most convenient, the app delivers an intuitive learning experience. Gamification elements will also keep users engaged throughout their studying journey: learners can choose to share their progress with others, compete for positions on community leaderboards, and explore trending topics.  

The product will be available internationally in 2022 for students, parents and teachers, and will in time become available to enterprises as an employee training tool. 

“TestMe is a solution for everyone passionate about quality education,” said Soffos CEO and Founder, Nikolas Kairinos “From teachers looking for unique ways to make subjects engaging, to university students prepping for upcoming exams, our innovative solution will turbocharge the learning experience. 

“Powered by state-of-the-art AI, our solution takes EdTech one step further. Rather than generic, unimaginative quizzes, TestMe accepts answers in natural language, and then ‘grades’ these by relevance to demonstrate not only the correct answers, but also why they are correct.


“Psychologists have proven time and time again that the best way to learn is by positive reinforcement and open-ended discussion, which is why our solution has been designed to help students better understand new concepts and commit knowledge to their long-term memory. The Soffos team looks forward to seeing how learners engage with the app during the beta phase; we’re confident it will bring a much-needed novelty to studying and corporate training.”