EDMAs 2021

Sofialys Announces iAd Support

David Murphy

French mobile advertising and marketing firm Sofialys has upgraded its mobile ad server to support advertising on the iPad.

In response to Apple’s iAd initiative, Sofialys has developed the technology to enable more interactive ad types, sizes and placements on a larger format screen, including a number of new rich media ads that will allow advertisers to create a more enriching experience for those interacting with their campaigns. The company has also created an internal competence centre to work alongside brands and help them to leverage the potential of these new formats. Advertisers will also have access to advanced analytics that go beyond impressions and clicks.

"There's been a huge amount of buzz among mobile publishers about the iPad and the new features of the iPhone OS 4.0," says Sofialys CEO, Mokhtar Bouchelaghem. “Increasingly, consumers are making the transition to spending more time on the mobile web than on traditional laptops or desktop computers. As a company, it is our priority to support new devices such as the iPad, and other tablet devices. These new formats will undoubtedly have a major impact on the mobile marketing industry. We firmly believe that the iPad will have a significant effect on the way people consume mobile services, and therefore dictate how advertisers should communicate with their target segments."

With this evolution of its platform, Sofialys says it is reinforcing its cross-platform ad proposition as its ad-server already supports the insertion of multiple iPhone, Android and Blackberry ad formats, including banners and text ads into mobile internet, SMS, video and other applications such as widgets. It adds that several leading publishers and app developers have selected Sofialys to insert innovative and appealing ad formats into their iPad inventory.