Spotify is testing its own in-app voice assistant

SpotifySpotify has begun testing a voice search interface that enables users to the tell the app what music they want to listen to purely through speech.

The trial has only been made available to a small number of users, reports TechCrunch, and it’s still not entirely clear where the music streaming service intends to go with it in the future.

The soon-to-be public company has long been rumoured to be developing its own piece of hardware, rather than continuing to be reliant on third parties to integrate its services. The voice search test could be another sign of Spotify laying the foundations for what could be a smart speaker, meaning it would no longer have to turn to Amazon’s Alexa and Echo or Google’s Assistant and Home.

On the other hand, Spotify could be looking at the use of a general voice search across its platforms to make it easier for people to get the music they want without having to lift a finger.