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Tidal integrates with Waze for music on the move

David Murphy

Music streaming and entertainment platform TIDAL has been integrated within the Waze navigation app. The integration means that TIDAL members can control their music, playlists and podcasts directly from Waze, and receive driving instructions from Waze within the TIDAL app.

For iOS and Android users, to add TIDAL to Waze, users can select the music icon on the map home screen and select TIDAL. If the music icon doesn’t appear, users can go to settings and choose audio player and add TIDAL. Through the audio player widget, users can play, pause and skip the content of their choice without having to leave the navigation screen. Once TIDAL is added to the audio player on Waze, in the TIDAL app, members will be able to see a banner with navigation directions.

“When commuting, listening to audio is an important part of the driving experience and TIDAL is committed to making the process as safe and seamless as possible,” said TIDAL COO, Lior Tibon. “Through the Waze partnership, members can enjoy TIDAL’s high quality sound while on the road in a single app.”

In addition to the Waze integration, TIDAL is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Apple CarPlay, Roku, Samsung Wearables and Sonos.